A little “Break”-Fine Motor Skills

The other day, after reading our Bible story and made a short song service, I decided to begin the day with some fine motor skills activities. Usually, kids like variety, and on rainy days or to spice up our learning during the day, I give them a little “break” from our regular learning schedule. It also gives me a little time to “regroup” my thoughts and to organize or modify the day schedule.

Lacing a butterfly card

Lacing a butterfly card

When it comes to her gross and fine motor skills,my oldest has been improving in the last few months. She has been more interested in getting things done by herself, and that pleases me because she’s learning independence and confidence.


My boy, he’s in a stage that wants to do it all himself, but still needs assistance and will get upset if I try to help him, so I have to do my best to teach him the proper way of performing a task without placing my hands on his activity. He’s getting there though.

The little one joined as well :)

The little one joined as well :)

My baby is quite advanced when it comes to manipulating objects. She will attempt to do an activity and will ask for assistance if she needs to. I’m glad that my three toddlers can share an activity together and perform it at different levels.

I got this Lauri Toy from Amazon at a good price. I like it because it not only helps them with fine motor, spatial and problem solving skills, it entertains them for quite a bit. I like to have educational toys like this one, since it brings a little educational variety in our daily activities.

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