CC “Trifold” Board and Notebooking Organization

This is my third year homeschooling and second year with Classical Conversations. As I thought about our setup and how to organize this year’s materials, I really liked the idea of the trifold that a lot of the CC moms were doing at home. The issue is that I don’t have the space to display it and didn’t want to be dealing with folding it and putting it away. Then I saw our bulletin board and it “hit me”! I would repurpose it. There were several visual aids before, that to be honest, were not really serving any purpose. I just had to print all the memory work and use page protectors and push pins:

Classical Conversations Board

Our Bulletin Board Re-purposed!


Best perk I noticed about this, is that the memory work is nicely displayed, and readily available for my children.

Next thing was to find a way to organize all the prints for the board. I used simple folders and label them with their respective subject:


Classical Conversations Subject Organization

Organized by subject


All the prints for the year nicely organized and the best part, I don’t have to be spending time re-writing or printing every week. All I have to do, is get all the prints from each subject and replace the previous week by just sliding them in the sheet protectors. I used some prints from CC Connected but mostly from Classical Conversations’ Cycle 3 Memory Work Resource CD.

To have all the folders nicely put away, I placed them in a magazine/folder holder and label it with our current cycle:


Classical Conversations Printables Organizer

All CC Subject Prints Organized


My daughter is of good age to begin copywork and notebooking. CC Connected has a few notebooking files to download, and the one that caught my attention was from Sheri Ellis. I printed all the 24 weeks for each subject (yes, a lot of paper and ink, but so worth it). I then hole-punched all the sheets and placed them in a two-inch binder with 24 tabs:


Classical Conversations Notebooking Binder

CC Cycle 3 Notebook Binder


I decided that it would be easier for my daughter to organize it by weeks:


Classical Conversations Weekly Organized Binder

Weekly Organized


This is a sneak peak of the contents (image provided by Sheri Ellis):


Classical Conversations Notebooking Pages

Notebook by Sheri Ellis


If you are interested in this notebook, you can download it from CC Connected, username: sheriellis

This is our plan for cycle 3, and thanks to God is working pretty well so far.

Have a blessed CC year!


HESignature 2

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2 thoughts on “CC “Trifold” Board and Notebooking Organization

  1. Robyn

    This is wonderful!!! I’ve been looking for ways to organize and display things for my girls. This certainly suits my style and preference. We are looking forward to starting CC this fall.


      I’m glad that it helps Robyn! You will love CC! Just keep in mind that simplicity is the key. I pray that you and your girls have a wonderful year!

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