Classical Conversations


In this page, I share the activities we do at home to reinforce the weekly information provided by Classical Conversations. I do not overload with activities for each subject, I do pick a couple of subjects and focus on those a little more than the others to reinforce learning and aid with memorization.


Classical Conversations mission  “To Know God and make Him known”, lead me to explore their website, visit an open house and have a one to one informational meeting with one of its’ campuses director. After evaluating with prayer, and in agreement with my husband, I decided to take my children’s home educating journey through this route.  Classical Conversations conveys its Biblical worldview with the Classical Method to form its own method in which parents teach each other through communities, to bring up well-rounded educated children in their homes.

Even though I’m a little bit eclectic when it comes to methods, and teaching my children, I am deeply attracted to the Classical Method and Classical Conversations is an excellent option to follow it.

To learn more about how Classical Conversations merges the Classical Method with its Christ-centered model read here.

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