Reviewing Cycle 2-Week 12 Math

In Classical Conversations (CC), we ended first semester with week 12, and in Math, Estefania had to memorize teaspoons and tablespoons measurements.

Chart of Measurements

Measurement Visual Chart from CC Connected

The above visual, I printed from the sharing files at CC Connected (membership required). Very helpful for Estefania to view and learn.

I set up teaspoons, tablespoons, and measuring cup the way it is shown on the visual.

Set Up for Practice

Set up for practice

Then I helped Estefania pour water accordingly, so she could get better perspective of the picture and understanding of the measurements.

Reviewing concepts

Reviewing by applying

This worked well. Every now and then, I “quiz” her to tell me how many teaspoons equal a tablespoon, and how many tablespoons equal a 1 fluid once, and thanks to God she can quickly recall it.

Simple, efficient reviewing…

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