EJ began her home educating journey with a literature based curriculum, that follows a lot of the Charlotte Mason method. Currently, we use Sonlight for some of our resources: Saxon Math, Language Arts, Art and literature. Our main focus is with Classical Conversations, from which we base our core learning from (Memory Work, Science, History, Geography, Timeline, English Grammar, Latin).

AD is about to begin with Classical Conversations this year. He will be doing Saxon Math, Sonlight’s Language Arts, and CC’s memory work.

We also do Unit Studies seasonally, which is usually a break from their regular learning, but they still get to learn and review from several subjects under one theme.

I like to add some Montessori based activities every now and then as well. They usually like them and help them develop some gross and fine motor skills and enhance some current learning from one of their subjects.

I’m somewhat of an eclectic homeschooler. I grab a little bit from one method and a little bit from another. I like reading about the different methods since there is always something that I agree about in each of them, but we do emphasize the Classical Method.

Since homeschooling gives me the advantage of experimenting and observing, I can manipulate my children’s’ learning to what works for them. I like the liberty of individualizing their learning to meet their needs and match their learning styles.

Resources are endless, but what works best is simplicity.


HESignature 2





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