Ideas for Celebrating Graduates!!

With all the graduations coming up, I thought of sharing some ideas on celebrating your homeschooling graduates and presents for them.

My oldest will be having her Kindergarten graduation ceremony this coming Sunday and I ordered from Amazon, Dr. Seuss’ “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” Deluxe Edition. This edition comes in a nice slip case, and makes a great present for little ones as well as for high school and college graduates. I picked this edition because it separates it from the rest of her Dr. Seuss’ books collection.

I will have this book on a special table for our guests (pretty much our immediate family) to write a message for her and sign. I think it will make a nice keepsake.

I did order another version of this book as a gift for her, and you could actually use it the same way as I explained above, but it is really more for little ones:

This is a beautiful, beautiful book. Not just the story line of motivation and advises, but the pop ups are entertaining (I think I might be more excited than my kiddo will be!). You can actually see a video of this pop-up book by clicking on the image above (once in the link, scroll down to see it).

For older graduates the following products make great gifts:

More ideas for gifts:

Isn’t the teddy bear adorable?! Estefania will be getting one as well!!! (of course, hers says 2014) I might be a little bit of a spoiling parent, but wouldn’t you want to celebrate your kiddo’s achievement?

This is another thing I will be getting:

I will be adding her picture with her cap and gown (it will be white with a light blue tassel) and her 2014 tassel. I will proudly display this!

This is another cute frame to give:

I’m also adding a banner that I purchased with decals to personalize it the way I want. You could include the name of your homeschool, the year and the graduate’s name:

Another nice touch, would be to make a display of pictures you have taken of activities, projects, crafts, etc. that your homeschooler worked for the year:

1) Use a tri fold poster board
2) Glue the pictures in the order and pattern desired
3) Decorate it by adding a border and add details as you wish

I’m actually making this board. All of the other parents will be as well, to display at the ceremony (and later at home for the celebration).

One great suggestion would be to make a yearbook. You can actually get this done through Shutterfly. You can include all pictures of activities, projects, fieldtrips, etc. and a special session of pictures of your graduate with props and her cap and gown. I’m actually working on one, but will not have it ready for her celebration, since I want to include her ceremony and celebration pictures as well.

Of course you cannot forget your homeschool Kindergarten certificate! I got mine through Rhyme University. You can pick any package. I did the basic which included the cap and gown with the tassel and a personalized Kindergarten certificate with our homeschool name, my daughter’s name, and her ceremony’s date. My husband and I will sign it and give it to her during our little celebration. She will be receiving one from our homeschool group at the ceremony, but I thought that it would be nice for us to do one as well, since her learning was directed by us.

You could do so many things to celebrate, but the most important thing to do, is to give thanks to God for being able to reach that goal together, as a family, for with His help anything is possible.

What ideas have you used to celebrate your graduate?

Until next time!



Disclaimer: This post contains some affiliate links.

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2 thoughts on “Ideas for Celebrating Graduates!!

  1. Isis

    Thanks for the ideas Maritza– I ordered the deluxe book from amazon too 🙂

  2. I’m glad you found them useful Isis! Yes, it is a great book for very special people ;)…Thank you for stopping by!! 🙂

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