Last Day to get The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle, Books’ Synopsis, and New Payment Option!!!

Friends, today is your last day to get this bundle (it ends tonight at 11:59 pm EST). I got mine over the weekend, and I’m excited about all the books I’ll be reading throughout the year! I highly recommend you getting it because the value of all these resources plus the added bonuses exceed the selling price. Even if some of the books are not for you (if you are a little bit like me, all of them will be), you can keep all the ones you are interested on, and give the others as gifts to friends that would benefit from them (you would have to follow copyright rules by deleting from your tablet, computer, etc. the ones you are giving away).


Don’t miss out on this great library of resources recommended for any Christian and loving homemaker.


Why would you need this bundle? I’ll tell you why I need it. Because most of the times when I feel a little lost or overwhelmed in my areas as a homemaker, I know that after praying and reaching out to sources like these ones, I can learn from the experience and knowledge from the moms that have walked the path before me, and have the talents and the creativity to provide me with a guide to do things better in my life. It’s a complete “library shelves” of books for all areas of homemaking:



For $10.00 more ($39.97) you can get the whole PDF Bundle plus a bonus set of Kindle editions:

If you want only the PDF bundle for $29.97:



With the purchase of this bundle you can get art prints for your home, mineral based eye shadows, eco-friendly laundry detergent, and many more deals given in the form of coupon codes to get for free (click on the image above to see all the bonuses).

Now, the team who put together this bundle, knowing the financial struggles some families experience, and per readers request, there is an option for you to order today your bundle, but not get charge until May 1st!! Choose from either of these options:

“Pay in May” Order Form for Kindle

“Pay in May” Order Form for PDF

If you are getting all the books for yourself (just like I did), and you are wondering how on earth will you read all these books, well, just organized them by month. Watch this video as an example of how to do it:

In every way you see it, it is a win-win deal. How? You get a great deal with this bundle by getting resources to better organize your home and make your life easier,  you support the work of other moms who work at home, and you support my blog.

Thank you for being loyal readers!

Have a blessed week!





Disclosure: I have included affiliate links in this post. Read the fine print about this bundle and read the answers to frequently asked questions about the bundle.

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