Our First Summer Reading Program!

This was our first year joining the Library’s Summer Reading Program, and we actually completed it!! I registered both of my older two (5 and 3 yrs. old) online, and when the program began, we went to the library to get their little motivational prizes for signing up. They both received a bookmark and a sticker:

Bookmarks and Stickers for Signing up!!

Bookmarks and Stickers for Signing up!!

At the library, they got to choose their books. Since I had already planned for E to practice her reading this summer, I took her to pick several Level 1 reading books, as well as other books for read-a-loud time. My boy got to pick his books as well.

Books they chose to read

Books they chose to read

Thanks to God, we had a nice time reading together (and we continue to do so), and E enjoyed practicing her reading as well. They were both excited to know that they would receive prizes for completing their readings, but the best part was that they actually enjoyed their books. We surpassed the amount of books required to complete the program, and since we finished it early, they were each given a “game card” with activities to complete.I record what they do for each activity, and when they get to complete their cards, we will bring them to the library to get a stamp on the corresponding activities. This gives them an opportunity to enter a drawing to win an end of summer prize.

What were the prizes for completing the summer program? They each received a drawstring backpack (which they got to choose the color), a certificate of completion, a summer reading champion sticker, and a ticket to enter a raffle for a chance to win an iPad mini.

Prizes for completing the program

They were very excited on our way to the library to get their prizes and were very happy to receive them:

Happy with their prizes!!

Happy with their prizes!!


Even though my 2 year old was too young to “officially” get signed up for the program, she still participated in our readings and I’m really looking forward to signing her up for next summer (her excitement was more about being in the picture).

We all had a very enjoyable and motivational reading experience!

Did you participate with your kids in a summer reading program this year? How was your experience?


Until next time!

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