Our Summer’s Second Reading Program

We are getting close to the end of this summer, and excitedly, we were able to complete two reading programs. Our First Summer Reading Program was earlier in the summer and we did it with the library and this second one we did it with Barnes and Noble. Their program required for eight books to be read and to write to whom you would recommend each book and why. The B & N’s Reading Journals could be acquired at the children area or they could be printed at home from their website (we did the latter).

The award given for completing the program was choosing one book from a list provided in the journal. Barnes and Nobles had the books from that list displayed in the children’s area.

We went with the kids last night to claim their book prizes:

Barnes and Nobles book prizes

Happy with they prizes!


They had the opportunity to choose from several fun chapter books. The kids picked these ones:


Free books at Barnes and Nobles

Their Books Prize Chosen


It was fun completing our very first two summer reading programs and we are looking forward for next summer’s challenges.

This is it for now. God willing, I’ll get to make some time to share our school schedule, curriculum and resources for this coming year.

Have a blessed weekend!!

HESignature 2

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