Teaching Chores to Kids

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Easy Peasy Chores @ GoodOldDaysFarm.com


Hello everyone! I’m excited to share this new great resource that I recently received for teaching the habits of doing chores at home. It is an effective and eye catching system with very easy to follow instructions for implementing a nice routine based on building good habits on children (it can also work for adults as well).

Easy Peasy Chores @ GoodOldDaysFarm.com

I normally include my children in some chores so that they can help, but I needed to add a little bit more structure so that it could become more of a routine. I really want my children to engage in our home duties and build a habit out of it. Easy Peasy Chores is exactly that. It is very easy to implement and it is kid friendly. Alina Joy Dubois is a Christian homeschooling mom and has designed this great system that can easily aid in establishing a simple, flexible and fun routine that flows throughout the variety of activities that families participate on a daily basis. There are about 200 chore cards in Easy Peasy Chores, all well fitted for any family’s needs.

I love binders, and as I’ve done with other digital products, I have set up my chore binder to keep it all organized:


As I continue to work in the sets of routines that work in my home, I place the cards in baseball card holder sheets (which is recommended by Alina Joy) and keep them filed and nicely organized:



As I continue to add and modify morning, evening, night and even school routines, I will be adding more pockets and divide them by “time of day” categories in the binders, using the tabs.

Since I’m starting out and my kids are rather young (all three toddlers), I’m trying to focus on one routine with set of chores at a time. At the moment we are focusing on our morning routine:


Both of my two oldest (almost 6 and 4 yrs. old) like it very much. Each time they finish a task they come back to the chart to see what task comes next. As they begin getting use to them and I continue to add cards (chores), I will be adding magnets with stickers to show which ones have been completed to keep them in their toes.

For more information on this system and on how to acquire Easy Peasy Chores, you may click on the image below:


Easy Peasy Chores @ GoodOldDaysFarm.com


Have a blessed and productive day!


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