“The Unhurrried Homeschooler” Review and Giveaway

I’m sure that like me, you have felt many times that you fall short in measuring up to the task of homeschooling. You stress out about accomplishing lessons, and attending field trips, co-ops, and the million nourishing activities available at your hands. You don’t have the time to do them all, sometimes your energy fails, or you are going through a season of life where life has worked its way, and you have to care for a sick relative, or have a newborn, or move houses, and in some cases, even face a natural disaster. It is ok, your kids will turn out just fine with what you already have at your disposition. Durenda Wilson from Simple Nourishing Home, has written a book from the voice of 20 years of experience in the homeschooling trenches. At first I felt like she was way too laid back for my type of teaching, but as I kept on reading I found some amazing truths, and a structure of teaching that is so flexible and simple yet filled with wisdom. Her experiences touched my heart and the victories of seeing 3 of her children successfully graduate and enter college (and succeed in their careers) along with their personal testimonies, gave me hope and tranquility in that what I’m doing is just fine.



Durenda shares some insights into education itself that will have you thinking on your current way of homeschooling, and that will make you want to adopt a bit of her teaching style. It is a short read for the busy, hurried homeschooler that needs to feel assured of what is enough.

I’m very grateful to Durenda for giving me the opportunity to offer this giveaway. You can win a signed paperback copy of her book, “The Unhurried Homeschooler”. Just enter your name and email below, and share this giveaway on Facebook. Winner will be emailed and also announced on Homeschool Epiphany’s Facebook page.

the orchard experience


Enter giveaway here!

Good luck everyone!!!

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Disclosure: I just recommend products that I personally use and deem useful for my readers. All opinions are entirely my own. I received this book for free to honestly review it. I have included affiliate links in this post, which means that I get a commission from any purchase you make on Amazon through my links at no extra cost to you. By doing so, you would be supporting my blog and I would forever be grateful to you.

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7 thoughts on ““The Unhurrried Homeschooler” Review and Giveaway

  1. ingrid

    Hi Maritza!! I “met” you on periscope today. I wanted to enter the giveaway but I don’t have a fb account. Can I share on my IG account? Thank you!

    • aztiram7@yahoo.com

      Ingrid, it’s ok. Just entered with email.

  2. Nicole Moliere

    I am entering to win!

    • aztiram7@yahoo.com

      Yay! Good luck!

  3. Ana

    I can’t wait to read this book! I heard her and Heide St.John talking about it on the podcast!! Yay!!

    • aztiram7@yahoo.com

      Hi Ana! It is a short read, yet full of wisdom and encouragement.

      • Ana

        I got mine yesterday!! Woohoo!!

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