This Week’s Highlights

We are almost done with this year in Classical Conversations. I can’t believe everything we have achieved academically, as a family and as a community, and how far we have come in our journey. In addition to our home routine and memorization work, the following were the highlights of the week:

In “Hands-On Science” they picked up from where they left off last week, and worked in putting the bridges together into one single bridge (of course, they had a little help from the moms). They nicely worked as a team and then tested the bridge’s strength:

Team Work and Bridge Testing

Team Work and Bridge Testing

Presentations this week were fairly simple, but very entertaining for the kids. They all brought some sort of bag with an item inside, and gave out clues about the item for the rest of the class to guess.

Estefania’s clues:

1) It’s purple

2) It has spikes

3) You can use it on dolls’ hair


Presentation "Guess What's in the Bag"

Presentation “Guess What’s in the Bag”

Answer: “a doll hair brush!”

With the tutor, they moved into the Romantic period with Brahms. They listened to Brahms’ Symphony no. 4, Third Movement:

While listening, they drew a picture of how the music made them feel. Here is Estefania’s picture:


At home, we also went over the Orchestra Song that all the classes at CC will be singing together in the last week. Estefania’s class will represent the trumpets, so we emphasized that verse from the song.

During the week, we worked on our geography. This week’s focus was Central America!


My parents had given us a puzzle of our native country Honduras, so it was a great opportunity to put it to use.

Working on puzzle

Working on puzzle

The puzzle includes the surrounding countries that we were studying, but highlights our country of origin.

Finished Puzzle

Finished Puzzle

Estefania enjoyed this activity quite a bit. She excitedly asked about which departments her grandparents (from both sides) are from, and practiced their pronunciation.

The week concluded with a Field Day sponsored by a homeschool community we recently joined. It was our first time and Estefania enjoyed it very much.

Races, tug war, etc..

Races, tug war, etc..


Receiving awards

Receiving awards

We are looking forward to more group activities like this one!

Are there any favorite activities or highlights of the week that you would like to share?



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2 thoughts on “This Week’s Highlights

  1. You are doing a great job Maritza! You must pour all your energy in your kids, and in homeschooling them, but I bet you feel great by the end of the day. What an accomplishment really! It requires a lot of dedication, patience and love, but I know your children are going to be an example of human beings when they grow up. God bless you and your family!

    • Graciellie, you are too sweet! Thank you for your supporting comments. It does take energy and effort, but thanks to God that he provides and that friends like you encourage me along the way. I have a lot to thank God for everyday. Have a blessed week!!!

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