With a Courageous Heart

I’ve recently initiated the planning of several projects. I know, I’m supposed to take one project at a time, but, I have to say, I’m too excited to stop. I’ve been after all, with God’s aid, working on my organizational skills and I’m delighted to announce that its coming along well.

First of all, I have decided to get closer to God. That’s always a plus for every single project to begin with. Without Him, nothing of what I set myself to do, would be possible.

Second, I’m working on improving our homeschool learning by guiding my kids into more Christ-centered activities. After all, these are the years of character building, so, God willing, I will be posting on this fairly soon.

Third and last, God has been speaking to me in several ways to initiate a ministry. I’m so grateful, that he has sent a friend to help me organize and initiate it. It’s amazing how God works. He, being the Almighty, Knew I would need help, so He sent me messages in different forms, and sent messages in several forms to my friend, until we came across, willing to share and achieve a common purpose to honor Him. This reminds me of the verse in Matthew 18:20,For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”


This will certainly be a very busy week, yet I’m looking forward to it, for I know that God will be there guiding me on each step of the way.

“Be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart, all ye that hope in the LORD”. Psalms 31:24

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2 thoughts on “With a Courageous Heart

  1. Mary

    I’m excited for you!

  2. Thank you Eli! Very sweet of you! I appreciate your time to stop by. Thank you for your prayers and congrats on being the first one to leave a comment!! : )

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