“Can We Catch Air?”-Science

Science experiment on physical science: "Can we Catch Air?"

Science experiment on physical science: “Can we Catch Air?”


This experiment was very easy to prepare for and my daughter loved it. She had fun repeating it over and over again. She was amazed at how the tissue at the bottom of the cup kept coming out dry each time. Little ones love experiments. It is in their nature to fulfill their curiosity. This activity was based on Janice VanCleave’s “Big Book of Play and Find Out Science Projects”.

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2 thoughts on ““Can We Catch Air?”-Science

  1. Astri

    Hi!!! This is a great experiment, easy and funny I will do it with my kids, thank you!

    • aztiram7@yahoo.com

      Hi Astri!! I’m glad you like it and found it useful! We did!! Thank you for stopping by!

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