“The First…” a Reflection of January’s Deception


I’ve had enough with procrastination and half met goals. This year I have resolved to be diligent in all my goals. I have been able to accomplish some, but I’m not there yet. I believe that in oder to have a happy and purposeful life, we should always be diligent in the positive actions that we do daily. If we just live in the spur of the moment, or conform to never changing routines, how are we to improve?




It doesn’t matter if this post wasn’t released “the first” of January, what matters is that I’m actually applying what I have committed to do. I actually began before Christmas and I feel happy that I didn’t wait until “the first”. Everyone seeks “the first” to begin. But when something doesn’t come out as plan, we quickly let go of those goals. It is here where we discover January’s deception. It is never about being able to begin “on the first”, but of continually performing and building on our actions, like if each day is “the first”. There are several goals that I have set in my mind but I’m tackling one at a time. The whole idea is to make habit of the actions that will lead us to our so desired goals.


I’m a Cristian, and I have to be Diligent of my spiritual growth and of the ministry assigned to me.

I’m a wife, and I have to be Diligent in being a better wife for the happiness of my husband and my own.

I’m a mom, and I have to be Diligent in being the mother my children need.

I’m a home maker, and I have to be Diligent about smartly managing my home.

I’m a health care professional, and I have to be Diligent about working with care and dedication for others in need.

I’m a homeschool mom, and I need to be more Diligent in being a more intentional and purposeful home educator.

I’m an aspiring writer, and I need to be more Diligent with my writing routine.

I’m a book worm, and I need to be more Diligent in reading more meaningful and inspiring books.

I’m a lifelong learner, so I need to be more Diligent in cultivating my knowledge and applying what I learn.




Being Diligent in being proactive to better ourselves, will help us improve and grow. We become better Christians, better learners, better educators, better wives, husbands, mothers, better anything, and the most important thing, is that we become of value and a helpful source to others. We can help others be better. It is not a sprint competition, it is a career and a personal marathon that everyone would benefit so much from if ventured in.

Being Diligent just makes us better at anything we set our mind to, where we are, where we go, and where we’ll head to.


Best of all…

…it doesn’t need to begin on “the first”.


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