“4 Steps to a Stress-Free Homeschool Year”

For most home educating families the school year is about to begin, and so we are working on planning a functional and productive year. Sometimes we tend to stress and get anxious (I’m included here), but it’s important to note that, the simpler we keep it, the easier it will be. The following are some suggestions for keeping the homeschool year planning simple and stress free:




1.Evaluate the previous year’s pros and cons.

  • Were there some low points or weaknesses that need to get addressed? How can they be strengthen?
  • What were the highlights? Will your method continue to be applied the same way, or is there room for improvement?

2. List  subjects and goals.

  • List your child’s subjects and what you expect to be learned.
  • Plan the time during the day that would be appropriate for child to learn a specific subject.
  • Plan days and dates for the lessons if needed.

3.List Curriculum (or resources) you plan to use.

  • Make a list of resources needed for each subject.
  • Consider field trips, experiments, crafts, etc.
  • Use the above lists as you schedule the lessons for each subject.

4. Create a flexible homeschool and household schedule.

  • Plan to have tentative schedules for school, home, personal, and other needs in one place.
  • Try to have everything written down (lists) so you don’t forget to prepare, and with a list of materials to use.
  • Consider vacations and holidays when planning the year.

Even though it is very important (and necessary) to have a yearly schedule, try to give yourself grace because  sometimes life does happens and it is in the nature of homeschooling that on occasions it will be necessary to modify a week or just a specific day.

Planning ahead of time helps you keep stress levels down and have a more fluent routine at home. It also gives you the flexibility to modify or alter any activity in advance when you come up with a new idea, or your child’s interests vary (because that does happen seasonally). It is also beneficial in those sick days, when little to none gets done.

Have a blessed week and happy planning!!


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2 thoughts on ““4 Steps to a Stress-Free Homeschool Year”

  1. I plan in May. We follow the school calendar of the private high school my teens attend so that all my kids are in or out of school at the same time.

    • aztiram7@yahoo.com

      Hi Shecki! That’s a good plan. I homeschool year-round, but leave the summers lineant so that the kids can also have fun with their cousins who attend private school as well. The beauty of homeschooling…

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