“Artists Communicate”

Today I will be sharing this week’s lesson from our art curriculum. We are on our second year using Sonlight’s Core Packages, and this year we added the Art package. I chose the book Artistic Pursuits and I included the art supplies kit that goes along with it.

ArtTextbookPMThis week’s focus on lesson 4 was “Artists Communicate”, and it was about trying to show action in our pictures. The materials we used were:

1)Watercolor paper

2)Watercolor crayons





After going over the lesson and observational exercises, Estefania and Alejandro both came up with drawings about what we did in Classical Conversations this week.


Then they colored their pictures with their water color crayons:


After coloring, they wet the brush and applied it over their colored areas:



Estefania drew her tutor going over the history timeline memory work with one of her classmates and herself. Alejandro drew me, Estefania, Natalia, and himself happily eating pizza at the picnic we had for being the last day of classes at Classical Conversations.


This was our art work this week. What curriculum and/or resources do you use for art?

Have a blessed weekend!


Disclaimer: I do not receive financial compensation for promoting this curriculum. The purpose is solely informative.


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2 thoughts on ““Artists Communicate”

  1. I love this idea!! We use all things colorful…crayons, markers, chalk, paints and more. Thank you for sharing.

    • Thank you Starla! We try to keep it colorful as well. Thank you for commenting and sharing!:)

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