“Plan to be Flexible”: Book Review

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For some time now, I have been wanting to read “Plan to be Flexible”, but it kept being “pushed away” from my Amazon’s cart by other resources. Interestingly, as I’m planning this coming homeschool year for my kids, I was given the opportunity to review this book, and I thank Alicia Kazsuk, for not just the opportunity to do so, but for leaving in my heart a peaceful feel to what my homeschooling should be like. The timing couldn’t have been better.



As I began to read, I quickly related to Alicia’s opening story of her postpartum c-section recovery, and my memories went back to my own past experiences. Her story engaged me with mixed emotions and at the same time captivated me to continue reading.

From beginning to end, the book flows rhythmically through all the sections, giving the reader encouragement and clear guidelines in defining homeschool objectives and converting them into action plans. Alicia inspires us to think about the real meaning and the true reasons for why we educate our children as she gives us the challenge to write down our goals and mission.

Every purposeful chapter concludes with a summary in question form, that helps evaluate the current situation and how to address it. Following the questions, she provides an action plan. I will definitely continue to have this book open as I keep planning my homeschooling year.

I always thought of including my children in choosing curriculum, but her input on how to include them in my homeschooling decisions, how to evaluate their suggestions, and how to filter the information they provide its remarkable. She has opened my eyes and understanding to better plan my year by paying more attention to my children’s aptitudes and responsiveness to learn.

I received a reality check when it comes to applying curriculum and resources to my children’s learning needs. Since I’m the type that everything needs to be checked off and completed in order to feel accomplished, the idea of focusing more on the conceptual learning rather than accomplishing curriculum work pages as a form of checklist, left me feeling like a big rock was lifted from my back. Alicia’s creative strategies and examples for teaching multiple children, have guided me in planning a more simplified and relaxed school time.

I love how she brings God into all the planning and into the action of a rhythm-based homeschooling, as well as in the evaluation of myself with grace and in the prevention of being trapped by the rigidity of a schedule:

“If scheduling is a restrictive adherence to the rigid laws of religion; rhythm is the result of a passionate (and sometimes imperfect) pursuit of a living relationship with the Creator of the universe.”

Besides providing guidelines on how to approach life challenges with grace and how to adapt learning around them, Alicia also gently discusses setting boundaries to the “rhythm”, with the purpose of maintaining the end-goals of learning.


I’m very grateful for this book, because it has given me a clear vision to recognize when learning is taking place amidst the chaos and messes of everyday life, and has given me the motivation to be willing to bravely recognize the opportunities for real and truthful learning (even if it involves messiness) and to embrace them with joy. Alicia invites us to envision a beautifully flexible and purposeful learning life.

HESignature 2





Disclosure: I received this book complimentarily in return for a review. All opinions are one hundred percent my own. If you would like to acquire this book, you may do so by clicking on the image link provided at no extra cost to you. By doing so, you will be supporting my blog and I will be forever grateful to you.


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2 thoughts on ““Plan to be Flexible”: Book Review

  1. Sounds like I may need to read this book! Thanks for the tip. 😉

    • aztiram7@yahoo.com

      Hi Jenny! Thank you for stopping by. I sure liked this book and I’m sure you would like it as well. Have a blessed day!

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